Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 19

Today I started out the day by cutting an Ethernet cable in half and soldering all of the connections back together to practice for shortening the cable. We need the cable shortened so that it will fit inside the case more easily. Soldering those eight individual connections is a bit tricky, but by doing this practice I came up with a good system for connecting the Ethernet cable wires. Then at 11 the whole Intern group went on a bike ride over to the University of Rochester and Mount Hope Cemetery. We saw the graves of Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony. It is a stark reminder of the sexism of the era that Douglass has two large grave stones and markers leading people to where his grave is, where as Susan B. Anthony has a small grave stone near her family members of which the males have much larger graves. After lunch we rode back to RIT and then I shortened the Ethernet cable and tested it and it worked!

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