Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 8

The first thing I did today was to splice the eight wires and solder the exposed ends of the wires, split into two separate paths like a snakes tongue. Surprisingly the smoke from the molten solder did not set off the fire alarm. While I did this David loaded the Raspbian noobs onto the MicroSD cards with the adapters that I brought in. When I was finished splicing the wires I used one of the Raspberry Pis to get Raspbian formated on each of the SD cards. Once this was complete, I paired off the Micro SD cards and Raspberry Pis and numbered them and took down their mac addresses so that David could get wifi access for them. My final task for the day was to remove twenty some pins soldered into the display screens circuit board, and solder in a couple of wires. My task for tomorrow is to get power to the display.

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