Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 12

David charged the battery yesterday, so today I set up the Raspberry Pis and other components for the camera, hooked up the power system with the battery. The setup was enough to power up the system for at least half an hour, but the amperage is to low from the current battery to power it effectively. Things such as the display screen being dim and not being able to type on the Raspberry Pis are symptoms of this problem. This lead to research into the battery and the purchase of a battery with a higher amperage output. After the time in the lab today we took a field trip to the Mees Observatory. The Observatory was really interesting and the view of the night sky was beautiful, and got better as the night went on. But mostly the trip was a really good forced bonding session between all of the interns. It was a great experience overall, five stars would suggest to a friend.

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