Wednesday, July 15, 2015

day 7

Today we got in some of the parts we were missing, most importantly the micro SD cards. The micro SD cards act as a hard drive for the Raspberry Pis, and store almost everything including the operating system. the operating system loader is downloaded from the internet onto a microSD, then boot the Raspberry Pi with the SD card in it and it formats the operating system (Raspbian). We needed a micro SD to SD adapter, which we could not find, and so that task was put off until tomorrow. As well as some more codingbat, I also set to work on the power supply task. the power has to go from the one battery into two Raspberry Pis which means a spliced wire or two. After accounting for doing two cameras and a range of spliced lengths, I decided that I needed to make eight spliced wires. Unfortunately I discovered that I need a soldering iron to complete this task and the one in the lab does not work very well. looks like I am bringing mine from home.

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