Friday, July 31, 2015

Day 18

Today the search for a new step up converter continued. Searching for the step up converter was tricky because everything that we found yesterday and during the first hour today had some problem with it. Some were to weak, a lot of them were step down converters because it is a much more likely problem to have to need to step down than step up the voltage. There were only a few that we found that would work but they were on shady websites and would be shipped from China and likely not be here in an adequately short amount of time. But I found one this morning that will work perfectly and ships in two days so we ordered that. I also experimented with the possibility of working around the software challenge of getting the two cameras to take the pictures at the same time with hardware. The capture button is on the display screen module and tells one Pi to take a picture through the GPIO pins and then that Pi is supposed to communicate with the second Pi and sync when the two pictures are taken. However I talked to David about, and then experimented with the possibility of running wires from the button to the second Pi so that when the button was pushed it would send the signal to both of the Pis.

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